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Curricular change - Courses

Course Revision

Some course revisions can be submitted on a minor curricular change form.

Examples of minor changes include:

  • Title change
  • Catalog description change
  • Prerequisite change
  • Drop course
  • Add or remove a crosslisting
  • Add or remove UI cooperative status
  • Credit reduction

Significant changes to a course require the submission of the Major Curricular Change Form - Course Revision. Examples of major changes include:

  • Change to course subject or number
  • Increase course credit
  • Change in variable or repeat credit
  • Revise lecture-lab ratio
  • New conjoint
  • Change to grading

Please note the following:

New Course or Restore Course

A request for a new course or to restore a previous course requires the submission of the Major Curricular Change Form New/Restore Course.

Please note the following:

  • Submitter should make sure requested course number is available.
  • Each submission requires a rationale statement and course syllabus. Read guidelines for the course syllabus.
  • Submissions will be routed to the chair and dean (or designee) for approval.
  • Read guidelines for graduate level and conjoint courses.
  • Definition of credits can be found in Rule 27 of the catalog.
  • A one term request for temporary status can be requested while pursuing permanent status. Temporary status can be granted after the course has received approval from the Catalog Subcommittee.
  • Individual colleges may have specific submission requirements. Be sure to check the curricular change process for your college.




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