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Curricular Change Process

Courses and Requirements

The Office of the Registrar is the starting point for:

  • New Courses
  • Course Revisions
  • New plans/majors, minors and certificates
  • Requirement changes for majors, minors, and certificates
  • Dropping courses, majors, minors, and certificates
  • Extending majors, minors, and certificates, to other campuses

Curricular changes are designated as major or minor.  Major curricular change requests must be approved by Catalog Subcommittee, Academic Affairs or Graduate Studies Committee, and Faculty Senate.  Minor curricular changes are compiled by the Registrar's Office and submitted directly to Faculty Senate.

Degree Programs

The creation of a new degree, extending a degree to a new campus, moving, consolidating, eliminating, or renaming an existing degree starts at the Provost Office.  Click here for more information.

UCORE Designator

Requests to add a UCORE designator to a new or existing course start with the UCORE Committee.  Once approved by the UCORE Committee, new coursework and courses requesting major revisions receive a full review by the Catalog Subcommittee.  Existing courses seeking a UCORE designation which are approved by the UCORE committee are entered onto a UCORE bulletin, which the Catalog Subcommittee approves and sends on to the Academic Affairs Committee.  Information on requesting UCORE status can be found on the UCORE website

University Syllabus

The WSU Syllabus website provides the most current information regarding the University syllabus, approved by the Faculty Senate in Feburary, 2023. The Course syllabus should include a statement and link to the University syllabus.


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