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Quick Reference Guide

Initiated at the UCORE website

  • New Course with UCORE attribute
  • Add UCORE attribute to existing course
  • Change or remove UCORE attribute

Common Curricular Change Requests

Action Needed Required Change Form
Create a new course Major - New/Restore course
Convert a topics course to its own course Major – New/Restore Course
Change the grading system on an existing course Major – Revise Course
Increase the credits for an existing course (including making
course repeatable)
Major – Revise Course
Decrease the credits for an existing course Minor 
Change course from variable credit to static credit Minor
Change course from static credit to variable Major – Revise Course
Change a course subject or number Major – Revise Course
Change the lecture/non-lecture credit ratio Major – Revise Course
Addition of conjoint status Major – Revise Course
Separation of conjoint status into two courses Major – Revise Course
Drop course or drop one course of a conjoint course Minor
Add or drop a crosslisting Minor
Change a course title, prerequisite, or description Minor
Drop Writing in the Major [M] Minor
Add Writing in the Major [M] Major – Revise Course
Add or Remove UI Co-op Status Minor
Add a new major, option, minor, or certificate Major – New Requirements
Revise requirements for major, option, minor or certificate Major – Revise Requirements
Extend a major or certificate to another campus Major – Revise Requirements
Drop a major, minor or certificate Major – Revise Requirements
Add/Discontinue/Extend/Rename a degree program  NOI (Provost’s Office)


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